Chevy Suburban Instrument Cluster Repair


1999-2002 – Repair digital odometer display

2003-2006 – Repair of gauges, burnt out lights, PRNDL display, and complete power loss

(choose COMPLETE REBUILD for repair of all of these issues)

2007-2013 – Repair digital odometer display

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Chevy Suburban Instrument Cluster/Speedometer Repair

Do you have gauges that have quit working, gone haywire, or are stuck?
Do you have a display that no longer lights up or has gone dim?
Have you lost all power to your instrument cluster?
We can repair your faulty GM instrument cluster with a 24-hour turn around to get you back on the road in no time!

GM vehicles have a common problem with the gauges breaking and causing inaccurate readings on your speedometer and instrument cluster.  They also tend to lose power to the digital odometer, causing it to become dim or have no display at all.

We offer repair service for all of these issues!

With the 2003-2006 models, you can choose to have just one or two gauges repaired or all gauges.  With a complete rebuild we will replace all burnt out lights, all gauges, and will ensure that power loss will not occur on the instrument cluster.

We highly recommend having all of these replaced so that you don’t have to worry about this issue again in the future.  We offer a lifetime warranty for this service.

See the options listed below:

1999-2002 – Repair digital odometer display

2003-2006 – Repair of stuck or dead gauges, burnt out lights, PRNDL display, and complete power loss

2007-2013 – Repair digital odometer display


SHIP:  Items are repaired the day they are received and shipped out next day via UPS ground service.
DROP OFF:  Items will be available the following day for pick up.  Same day service is available on items dropped off before noon for an additional $20.

See our instructions for drop off location and shipping instructions.




Additional information

Year of Vehicle

1999-2002, 2003-2006, 2007-2013

Type of Repair

Complete Rebuild, Replace One Gauge, Replace Two Gauges, Replace Three Gauges, Digital Display Repair


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