Drop Your Item Off:

Same day service is available
for an additional $25

All other items will be ready
for pick up the next business day

We are located inside 43 Auto during the week
between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

5394 Hwy 43
Joplin, MO 64804

Just south of Petro and Pilot truck stops off I-44 (Exit 4)

Ship To Instructions:

Ship packages to

Auto Tech Rescue

5446 Butterfield Drive

Loma Linda, MO 64804

Option 1: Pay After You Ship

  • Package your item with plenty of paper or bubble wrap so that it is not damaged during shipping
  • Ship it to Auto Tech Rescue – 5446 Butterfield Drive Loma Linda, MO 64804
  • We will repair it the day we receive it
  • We will call for credit card payment
  • We ship it back to you

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Option 2: Pay Before You Ship

  • Select the item from our online store that you need repaired
  • Pay via PayPal on our website
  • Package your item with bubble wrap and paper so that it will not be damaged during shipping
  • Ship to Auto Tech Rescue
  • We will repair it the day we receive it and ship it out the next day

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  1. Can you replace the LCD screen on the 2003 Toyota Highlander HVAC unit? Everything works except the LCD is no longer legible during daytime temps, so it is difficult to see the temp readings and the mode symbols. This is an Arizona/Texas car and has seen a lot of heat in its day, but the screen needs to be replaced at this time.

    • I can check to see if we have a spare screen here out of a unit that might be for parts only. We do have rebuilt controls with good screens for sale. It might be something best that we discuss over the phone. I have seen where the screens will go dim over time. It is actually the only thing we typically do not warranty on our controls. It isn’t necessarily a common problem, but I can see where it might happen more frequently in a hotter climate.

  2. My wife’s 2006 Ford Freestar instrument cluster not working. Can you repair it? what’s the cost?

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