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Sport Trac Instrument Cluster Problems

Many of our customers have called with complaints about their 04 05 Sport Trac instrument clusters and other crazy things going on with their vehicle. Some may even say that their truck is “haunted!” The power windows have stopped working. The radio will work and other times it won’t. The lights don’t always work. The gauges on the cluster will go up and then fall back down. What is going on?!

Unfortunately, Ford decided to run many of the electronics through the instrument cluster itself. So, when the cluster beings to fail, so do many of the other electrical components in the truck.

We offer a couple of options for this problem. The first option would be to remove the cluster, package it up, and send it in to us so that we can repair it for you. The upside is that this will keep the current mileage reading on your vehicle. The downside is that you have to park it while the cluster is out. Otherwise, you might just get a mile down the road and the battery dies. We do offer a one day turn around, so you are without it the amount of time it takes to get here and back.

The second option is to purchase one of our refurbished clusters. We try to keep a number on hand so that we can allow our customers to have a quick fix option where they can continue to drive the vehicle. Upside is that you don’t have to go without your truck.  The downside to this is that we cannot always guarantee the mileage on the cluster. It will be different than that of your vehicle. Occasionally, we will know the approximate mileage and will allow you to choose. However, this is not always the case.

If you have haunted Sport Trac….well, who you gonna call? Auto Tech Rescue!

We look forward to having you as our customer!

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