2001-2007 Toyota Highlander Climate Control Repair


We repair 2001-2007 Toyota Highlander climate controls

  • Loose or damaged knobs causing inconsistent temperature and fan speeds
  • Repair both manual and automatic controls
  • Restore power loss issues
  • Replace button lights


  • Repair temperature and fan speed knobs:  $100/$125
  • Repair power loss: $145
  • Repair both knobs and power loss: $175/$185
  • Replace burnt out lights: $15 in addition to repair fee
  • Additional parts may be replaced at an additional cost.


If you have attempted to repair your climate control without success, this does not necessarily mean it is unrepairable.  If we can repair it without using any additional parts, there is only a small clean up fee.  If you have damaged both circuit boards, we may be able to use replacement parts for an additional $75.



You have the option to pay now or pay later. (See instructions for details)

If you want to pay now, choose the control you have and the service needed below.  Add it to your cart and pay before you ship.  We will pay for return shipping to you.



 2001-2007 Toyota Highlander Climate Control Repair

Are you unable to adjust the temperature or fan speed on your Toyota Highlander?

Do you have a 2001-2007 Toyota Highlander that currently has no power going to the heater and AC unit?

Toyota Highlanders have a chronic issue with the climate control developing problems.  On the controls, the knobs will often stop working.  You will want cold air but it blows out hot.  You may want hot air and it blows out cold.  The fan speed will not adjust as it should.  This can be not only an annoyance, but also a very uncomfortable situation in extreme weather situations.

Another problem that is common is a loss of power to the entire climate control unit.  When this occurs it will have no display and no functionality.

Not to worry!  We can repair all of these problems for you.

For $100 we will repair

  • Loose knobs causing it to not work properly.
  • Unable to control temperature and fan speed.
  • Replace components that will eventually cause knobs to stop operating so that you will not have to experience faulty or loose controls knobs.

For $145 we will repair

  • Complete power loss on automatic and manual climate controls

For $175 we will repair

  • Complete power loss for automatic climate controls
  • Repair faulty knobs causing inconsistent temperature and fan speeds
  • Replace components that will eventually cause knobs to stop operating so that you will not have to experience faulty or loose controls knobs.


Have you attempted to repair the climate control yourself without success?  Not to worry.  You are not alone!  We can successfully repair your climate control even after unsuccessful attempts have been made.  A small clean up fee may be incurred depending on the amount of damage.  Also, if someone has damaged both circuit boards inside the control, we can often use replacement parts to fix this for an additional $75.  This is in extreme cases when wires have been ripped from the board or holes have been drilled.

Please DO NOT ATTEMPT to repair these on your own!  Without the correct equipment and knowledge of electronics, you may not be saving yourself any money and may end up paying more in the end.

We repair these controls daily.  Save yourself the trouble and send us your climate control today!

After repair we will ship the item back to you with free shipping!

We offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs made.

Send us your defective climate control today!  To learn how, see our instructions.



Would you like instructions on how to remove the climate control from your vehicle?

View removal instructions here


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