Toyota 4-Runner Climate Control


Climate control price:  $175
Core deposit:  $100

Total upfront: $275

Core deposit will be refunded upon receipt of your old climate control

This unit has been rebuilt to correct the following issues:

  • Inoperative buttons
  • Non-functioning knobs
  • Non-responsive
  • Temperature and fan speed control



1999-2002 Toyota 4Runner Limited Climate Control 

Are you experiencing problems with intermittent knobs and non-functioning or inoperative buttons on your Toyota 4-Runner Limited heater and AC control?  If you are having these issues, we can help! 

This climate control has been refurbished to repair the common problems often experienced by owners of Toyota 4-Runners stated above.  We offer a 5-year warranty on this control.

We do require a core deposit as well.  However, this will be refunded upon receipt of your old climate control, complete with all buttons and knobs.  Partial refunds are issued on cores with damage beyond repair.  This is often due to water (flood), prior repair attempts, or damage to the case.





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