Ford Explorer Sport Trac Instrument Cluster Repair


2004-2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Instrument Cluster / Speedometer Repair

  • Faulty gauges
  • Sporadic power loss to gauges and/or digital display
  • Faulty/inoperable power windows, headlights, and radio
  • Drain to the battery

5-year warranty

No programming required

Shipping Instructions



2004-2005 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Instrument Cluster Repair

This is a repair service to your instrument cluster.

This service will repair the following issues:

  • Drain to the battery, faulty headlights, radio, and power windows
  • Intermittent power loss to the digital display
  • Sporadic power loss to the gauges

This can also cause intermittent power to the radio, power windows, and lights

You will need to remove the cluster from your vehicle and ship it to our location.  Upon receipt, we will repair the cluster and ship it out the following day. 

We offer a 5-year warranty on our service!

No programming required.  Simply plug it back in after the repair and you are ready to go!

View our instructions for shipping and payment options

Warranty exceptions:  If prior repair has been attempted, warranty may not be applied to the repair
Recalibration Fee:  If the cluster requires recalibration, we offer this service for $20
Additional Parts:  Occasionally clusters will need replacement gauges.  We have these available for $35 each.

Additional information

Instrument cluster repair options

Normal Repair, Repair with calibration, Repair with one gauge, Repair with one gauge and calibration


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