Corvette Automatic Climate Control Repair


1997-2004 Chevy Corvette Automatic Climate Control Repair

  • Restore digital display
  • Replace back lights
  • Repair issues with faulty buttons


Corvette Automatic Climate Control Repair

If the display is out on your Corvette automatic climate control, we can repair that for you!  We also will replace the back lights for your control and other issues.  See details below.

We can perform these repairs on 1997-2004 Corvettes


  • Restore digital display $100
  • Replace back lights $45
  • Repair non-functioning buttons $45
    • Examples of this would be a button that will not react to pressing on it, all lights lit up at once, or control will not power off

Repairs will be made the day the item is received and shipped out the next day via UPS ground. If you need the item quicker than that, expedited shipping can be purchased at an additional cost.

10-year warranty on all repairs made

Send us your climate control today.  View our instructions here!

*Please note that on this particular control the passenger side temp knob will not change the temperature displayed on the screen.  It only adjust based off of the driver side setting.  In other words, it will either be the same (neutral setting) or colder or hotter based on the driver’s temperature. 

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