Crown Vic Odometer Display and Climate Control Problems

Fleet managers everywhere: Listen up!

The Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor is one of many vehicles used in a fleet situation.  Nearly every, if not all, police and sheriff units use these vehicles on a daily basis to ensure our safety.  With the vehicle being in a fleet, those law enforcement employees are typically required to track mileage traveled in those vehicles.  While this shouldn’t be a problem, it is.  The 2006-2009 Ford Crown Vic and Mercury Grand Marquis have a chronic problem of the digital odometer display going out or becoming very dim on these vehicles, including the police interceptor package.  Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for anyone driving one of these vehicles to keep track of their mileage.

One solution for this problem is to order a new instrument cluster from the dealership.  I called on one just this week and the discounted price was approximately $460, so you can estimate probably around $500 or more with tax included.  Some dealerships require that they remove and install the cluster as well.  Go ahead and add on $200-$250 for this.  Now you are looking at $750 per cluster.  If this is for a police department I’m sure it is coming out of our tax dollars as well.  Ick!

The other option is to have the cluster repaired by someone such as Auto Tech Rescue.  Simply remove the cluster from the vehicle.  (contact us for instructions on this if you need assistance)  Ship it to Auto Tech Rescue.  We will repair this problem for the low cost of $100 and ship it back to you the next day.  We guarantee our work and are determined to satisfy each and every customer.  We don’t want you spending your hard earned money or our tax dollars on expensive parts from the dealership when they can simply be repaired.

Another problem that you may run into on these vehicles, actually all Crown Victorias and Grand Marquis ranging from 1995-2011, is air blowing out of incorrect vents and fan speed on the heater and A/C control (climate control).  We can fix that also.  The cost is $145.  The 1995-1997 Crown Vic, Mercury Grand Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car also carry a problem of the clutch not engaging on the AC compressor, which is a problem in the climate control unit.  We can repair this as well for $110.  Remember, we offer free shipping on all orders over $100!

Now, you can order these parts new from the dealership and spend lots of money.  You can also call your local salvage yard and order a used one for a decent price.  However, it may end up having the same problem.  If yours is beyond repair, I would suggest contacting us anyway.  We can order one in through our salvage yard, repair it, and sell it to you without any worry that it will have the same problems.   You can’t go wrong with Auto Tech Rescue!  Contact us today!

If you ever have questions about anything listed or not listed on our site, feel free to email or call us.  There are instances where we can fix items that we don’t have listed yet, though we do try to stay on top of this and continue to add new items frequently.  We hope you will trust us with all of your automotive electronic needs and will work our hardest to earn that trust.

Thanks for reading!

Lindsay Fanning