Sell Your Used Auto Parts

Have you ever asked yourself “where can I sell my used auto parts?”  You can try selling them on the internet, at a garage sale, or better yet just let them sit in your garage and collect dust…or you can sell them to us!  We are ready to buy your used auto parts! 

Here is a list of parts we are willing to purchase from you today:

  • GM (Kelsey Hayes) ABS modules
  • Toyota Highlander climate controls – automatic, manual, or navigation
  • Corvette climate controls
  • GM instrument clusters & speedometers
  • Toyota 4Runner climate controls
  • Ford climate controls – Grand Marquis, Crown Vic, F150, F250, F350, Excursion, Expedition, & Navigator
  • Toyota Rav4 engine computers

Prices vary by part.  Parts can be complete or partial, working or non-working.

Contact us today to get a price on your used auto parts!