Refurbished Toyota Highlander Automatic Climate Control 2001-2003




($150 refunded upon return of core)

This is a refurbished 2001-2003 Toyota Highlander climate control that has been repaired to full working order and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

$175 core deposit is required which will be refunded upon receipt of your old climate control.


Do you or your customer need a working climate control now?  If you cannot wait to send your faulty unit in to be repaired and shipped back, this option is for you!  Order now!



Refurbished 2001-2003 Toyota Highlander Automatic Climate Control For Sale

Don’t have time to wait on your climate control to be repaired?  Purchase this rebuilt control unit today!

This automatic heater and AC control fits 2001-2003 Toyota Highlanders.  It has been repaired and comes with a lifetime warranty!

This item requires a $150 core deposit which will be refunded upon receipt of your faulty climate control.

Simply purchase this item through our online store.  You will be charged for the core deposit.  We will send you the refurbished climate control along with a return shipping label.  Place your old control in the box you received the new one in and ship it with the label we included.  Once we receive your old climate control, complete with all buttons and knobs, we will refund you the $175 deposit.

*Please note that if you have damage beyond repair to your climate control only a partial refund for the core will be given.

Toyota Highlanders have a frequent problem with faulty knobs on the climate control.  We offer a repair service for this problem.  You can see this service by clicking here.

However, if you need a working control now and don’t have time to wait, this option is for you!

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Highlander Automatic Climate Control

Climate control + core deposit


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